The Combe Estate has over 850 acres of woodland.  This is a combination of both semi ancient natural woodland comprising native species such as Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch and Sycamore and commercial woodland mainly of softwood species such as Douglas Fir and Larch.

The woodland on the estate is utilised for many different activities including the production of commercial timber products and firewood in addition the woodlands provide natural habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.  The Estate is also involved in various environmental schemes and has made over two areas of woodland on the estate for public access.  One of these is managed by Honiton Town Council at Roundball on the edge of Honiton, the other being managed by the Estate.  Both parcels are very popular with dog walkers and recreational walkers alike.

Forestry Services and Firewood

The forestry enterprise employs 3 full time staff to manage the 850 acres of woodland. The day to day woodland management is supplemented by the sale of firewood, woodchips and other wood products as well as a tree surgery service to outside clients. The fully trained and insured team are available to deal with all aspects of forestry and arboriculture services to outside clients including:-

  • Felling and tree surgery
  • Chipping
  • Replanting
  • Extraction
  • Roadside tree maintenance

In addition the estate produces hardwood firewood in the form of splits and rounds which are sold by the delivered load.  We pride ourselves on supplying high quality, barn dried and seasoned firewood which can be delivered to the customer and cut in accordance with their requirements.

Other forestry products that can be provided from the estate include wood and bark chips.

The estate has a biomass heating system which serves various properties.  It is intended to make the supply of wood chip for the system totally self sufficient so that the estate does not have to purchase any processed woodchip.  The woodchip will be produced from the lower quality wood and wood by-products left over after harvesting the saleable timber.

The Combe Estate is committed to sustainable woodland management and the use of wood as fuel wherever possible.