The Trudi Triple – 3 Peaks Challenge

In 2017 our Estate administrator Trudi Craig was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She was 45 at the time. This news came as a blow as just as her children were leaving home and she was looking forward to getting time to herself this diagnosis sent probably the biggest challenge of her life. Now having stabilised on a drug known as Tysabri she wanted to prove to herself and others that having MS wasn’t the end. So far from it in fact that she began searching for physical challenges to test herself. After deciding upon the first challenge she thought what better way to raise the profile of MS than by setting up her own charity in order to raise money. Who knows what the future holds for Trudi but as long as she has the ability she will strive to keep healthy and active by seeking out physical challenges and encouraging others to rise to their own challenges.

So the first challenge is to walk The 3 Peaks in 24 hours in June 2019. Consisting of climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in that order the 3 peaks is hard enough for an able bodied person so for someone with wobbly legs and extreme bouts of fatigue this will be an immense challenge for Trudi. Supported by her husband and a few friends the team has been selected and training has begun. Follow Trudi’s preparation, training and progress on her FB page.

We are very proud to support Trudi and wish her the best of luck with The Triple Trudi!

You can donate to this worthwhile cause at:

The Trudi Craig Charitable Trust