Re-planting begins at Quicks

Following the clear fell of Quicks plantation last year which mainly consisted of mature Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce we have now started to re plant the area with a broadleaf mix of Oak, Beech, Chestnut and Cherry.

This site is much more suited to slower growing native broadleaf species than commercial softwood.

Here at Come we have an estate wide woodland management plan which sets out a 10 year programme for thinning, clear felling, replanting and new planting.  This enables us to manage our woodland not only for the production of high quality timber for building but also in a sustainable way that provides firewood which we sell to our loyal customer base, and for the benefit of the wide variety of flora and fauna on the estate.

Whilst the clear fell of an area of woodland does look drastic in terms of immediate visual impact, it provides a great many opportunities for new plants and wildlife to thrive and recolonize an area that was previously dominated by one species of commercial timber and the animals that lived within it.

We have already seen a great many birds feasting on the invertebrates and seeds that have been exposed on the site. As this plantation gets established the diversity will only increase.

Please look at our firewood page if you have a need for high quality logs produced in a sustainable way.

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