New milk vending machine at the farm shop!

You asked and we listened, following lots of requests for a milk vending machine and organic milk we decided to partner with Hollis Mead Organic Dairy Farm so we can offer delicious, organic milk any time of the day.

Milk is a daily staple for many people.  By choosing locally supplied organic milk through our vending machine your choice can have the following benefits:-

·         Enjoy the taste of delicious grass fed organic, non homogenised, milk high in nutrients and natural goodness.

·         Support local producers and retailers by cutting out the large processors from the supply chain.

·         Avoid lengthy supermarket queues when all you need is milk for you morning cuppa, cereal or cooking ingredient – our vending machine is operational 24 hours a day.

·         Reuse your own glass bottle or recyclable container to reduce waste and plastic pollution.

·         The machine is refilled daily so you are always getting the freshest of milk direct from the farm where it was produced.

The vending machine will be positioned outside of the shop so it can be accessed at any time and you can use our 1 litre glass bottles or use your own re-usable receptacle so it couldn’t be easier to fill up on fresh milk without having to go into a busy shop.

Call the shop to find out more – 01404 519093


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